Unexpected commonality in balance

Or put another way – When everything works together in harmony good stuff happens.

A lack of harmony and balance, can distract, disrupt, or trivalise the content. Worse, it may simply encourage filtering and not be viewed at all. Harmony delivers better audience retention. Balance results in greater audience engagement.

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hot creative – I design for harmony and balance

Graphic, UI and web design from Rob Hotchkiss – Creativity that works across boundaries, seeks new perspectives and views every possible path to a great solution, better outcomes and impactful change – online, offline and print.

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Visual identity design

Consolidate visual assets into a cohesive aesthetic.

SharePoint intranet graphics

Tailored imagery to fit your brand
with bulk discount available.

Sustainable web design

Low carbon websites designed to reduce your digital CO2 footprint.

Visual identity design

It’s not enough for your communication to just exist, out there in the digital ether. You need design that works hard for you. After all, it’s there to serve a purpose – It must be concerned with reinforcing your core values, building trust and inspiring action. It's paramount that your visual assets distinguish themself in a design synonymous with a strong sense of identity and direction. Creating the right image is essential to your success.

Graphic Design

SharePoint intranet graphics

Visual brand continuity internally serves to create a positive impact on company culture and increase employee satisfaction. Yet for many organisations, when it comes to their intranet, much of the imagery and graphics misalign with their external visual experience. Carefully tailored graphics though, will provide greater consistency of design across all touchpoints and aid focus on connecting quickly and efficiently within your organisation.

SharePoint Graphics

Sustainable web design

The benefits of low carbon websites, aside from helping the environment, are that they load much faster, overall performance improves, they rank higher in organic search engine results and the core web vitals are optimised for a higher quality user experience. Built on the Create platform, each new site is hosted on carbon neutral servers; with two trees planted each month to offset the emissions created by people visiting your site.

Sustainable Web Design

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."

Thomas Merton

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